Стаття №4 Випуск 1, 2020

The influence of the urban environment of the formation of investment attractiveness of city land

         The implementation of the city’s land policy involves the effective functioning of the land management system, which includes planning and organization of land use. In market processes, land appears in a variety of manifestations: as part of the assets of the enterprise, and as a consumer durable goods, and as an independent object of investment.

         Urban development is characterized by the condition and use of land resources. In modern conditions, it is important to solve theoretical and practical problems of land market formation in Ukraine. The situation in cities is specific, although in general the directions of development of the land market of cities of the country are similar on technological and procedural issues.

         To date, there is no established system of land relations on the part of the state and the unity of opinions and approaches of scientists in this field.

         The presented researches allow to determine the influence of the urban environment and modern normative provision on the formation of investment attractiveness of both individual urban land plots and the city as a whole.

Keywords: zoning, investment attractiveness, rational use of land, urban planning, urban territories, land use.