Стаття №3 Випуск 1, 2020

Reseach of methods of land allocation for permanent use by communal institutions

The article is devoted to application of modern approaches to land acquisition for permanent use of municipal institutions. Analyzes the current normative-legal base of Ukraine, which reglamentary the transfer of land rights for utility facilities. Determined that geodetic works are an integral part of the work when developing land management projects concerning allocation of land. The ultimate goal of these works is a geodesic establishment of the boundaries of land in kind (on location) and consolidation of these boundaries the boundary marks. It is established that the developers of land management documentation are additional materials for the project land that is not defined by the requirements of legal acts. Consideration and approval of such materials takes much time during the development process of relevant projects.

Proposed: to develop projects of land management on land allocation for permanent use of municipal agencies should clearly stick with current guidance documents and sufficient amount of source data, the presence of pokojowka of the parties; in the design of the land to drainage must be made of the actual topographic plan of the area. This will give you the ability to set limits on the use of land and the right to project the boundaries of the land; to assess the accuracy appropriate to specify in materials of surveying the results of calculating the mean square error of the coordinates of the vertices of the corners of the boundaries of the land and the admissible mean square error of the area of land.

Keywords: communal institution, land allocation, land plot, normative base, project development procedure.