Стаття №2 Випуск 1, 2020

Problems of land use of Ukraine

The article is devoted to the problems of protection and rational use of lands of Ukraine. The factors that lead to soil degradation and loss of fertility are analyzed.  It has been determined that the negative impact on earth is largely due to anthropogenic factors. The role of land as the main national wealth, which according to the Constitution of Ukraine is under special protection of the state, is mentioned. The largest area is agricultural land, but their condition, as well as the condition of other land, is of concern. The article notes that the solution of environmental problems, in particular, the problems associated with the unsatisfactory state of land resources in the world are hindered by other problems, namely the struggle of world powers for economic leadership.

 It is proposed to strengthen the role of the state in solving problems related to the state of land and cooperation with international organizations to combat desertification and to achieve zero levels of land degradation.  Measures to reduce the level of land degradation and measures to achieve a neutral level of degradation are proposed.

Keywords: degradation, desertification, lands, soils, concept, convention, fertility.